Mission, Vision, Values & History

TOPS Mission

Promote the economic and social prosperity of low-income individuals and communities through education, work experiences, and health programs.

TOPS Vision

All Tennessee families have opportunities to live happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.

TOPS Values

  1. Education – The key to prosperity is education. We are dedicated helping others increase their knowledge and skills and strive to lead by example.
  2. Opportunity – Creating opportunities for people to live meaningful, self-directed lives is at the heart of all our programs.
  3. Respect – TOPS values people of all backgrounds, viewpoints, and life experiences. Everyone is worthy of respect and kindness.
  4. Collaboration – Our goals are big and cannot be achieved alone. We facilitate change through relationships, collaboration, and advocacy.

TOPS History

Tennessee Opportunity Programs, Inc. was formed in 1974 for the purpose of….

Our longest running program is WIOA…..

Worked with migrant children and families….

Common thread is educating and providing opportunity so people can live on their own.