Beating Board-dom Week Three


The full name of this game is kolowis awithlaknannai, though it is usually known as awithlaknannai. It is a variant of alquerque, a game which also inspired the more common game of draughts, or checkers. Pieces in awithlaknannai move a single step from one point to an adjacent point along a marked line. They can capture enemy pieces by jumping, as in draughts.


Awithlaknannai! Can you say that three times fast? Either way this game’s a blast. Then it’s time to catch a whiff, a whiff of Whiffle Ball! We’ll try some crazy pitches and see who can hit them all! And then see who can hack it through our elimination bracket! And then to keep in balance we’ll all sit and stare…down at a really balanced board of Madagascar Solitaire! Is it symmetry or mimicry that will help you win the game? All we know is that it’s whichever means ‘the same.’


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