Building Stories Week Three Days 9-12


This free downloadable PDF will guide you through teaching your students the Building Stories Week Three Days 9-12 units. These materials are provided at no charge but donations are gladly accepted.

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Stories can be living breathing moving things. And so maybe it’s time to put a little motion in our ocean or some wiggle in our walkways. In other words, use automata to help tell our tales and help us set the stage for incredible tales of action, adventure, and intrigue. Is creativity a magical gift only a few lucky souls are granted? Nope. Creativity isn’t about an idea or a sudden burst of information. It is a process, and often a messy one. We’ll learn what it takes to be ‘innovative,’ discover how to get the good tales to roll, and find out how to make lightning strike…twice! (Okay, maybe it’s metaphorical lightning, but it’s still awesome!)


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