1 – Super Who? Super You! Week One


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It’s time to go on a journey, a hero’s journey.  We’ll have a blast as we dive into the past and learn that it’s no mystery that heroes have existed throughout history. On the way we’ll discover that heroes and villains aren’t so different at all, in fact the differences can be really quite small. And we’ll overcome obstacles, of course!, as we race against the clock (tick tock!) to discover just what makes a hero super. To learn just how they ‘come to save the day’ we’ll watch heroes in action and see if their plans work as well as they say. Then it’s time to dig deep and look for the roots of the thing that led to comic offshoots. We’ll seek out the Shadow and find out what’s up with the ‘Doc (did you know that the Man of Steel is a chip off the old block?) And then…Oh look! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Villain? There’s more to discover there’s more to explore, there’s plenty more heroics in store, so come on and find out today that it’s not SuperWho, it’s Super You all the way!


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