2 – Super Who? Super You! Week Two


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You’d better be quick on the draw because it’s about to be your turn! You’re about to make the page of your very own comic burn. It’s time to show the exciting story of what happened one night in the laboratory. And then it’s time for a polite debate on who is right and which is great, “I’m reading a graphic novel,” “Hey, it’s a comic book, mate!” Meet the ‘golden boys’ who led to comics today (which led to the toys with which many kids play.) Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and the fun that they had (and the controversy when things, well, got bad.) Find inspiration and quench (super) thirst before playing a math game to see who can defeat villains first.  And then ask questions and explore even more. Can parents pass down superpowers like the power of flight? With the power of heredity, they just might! Discover how genes (like superheroes) have special jobs to do and the power of heredity in passing things down to you!


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