6 – Wings of the Crane- Unit Six


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In this section students go retro as we explore what it was like to live long before! Victory through Vegetables? Can it be done?  During this time period carrots were weapons of war, tires were rationed, and getting gas? Well, you got three or four gallons a week, no more. Next, they’ll figure out what’s really at risk as they take up the challenge they picked from a list! To risk it all and earn major points, or take the sure bet? That’s a tough choice! (Their toughest one yet?) Then, hey look up there! It’s planes flying high, made of canvas, paper, and plywood filled with brave hearts and sharp eyes. Students get to fly planes like heroines of old, and use their wits against foes cunning and bold! And speaking of cunning and using your wits do they think they can crack codes tough as a nut and send messages back? They learn of un-crackable codes and brave men, who hid in the jungle and saved lives again and again. Then they make a coding machine, master their minds, play bulls and cows, and have a great deciphering time!


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