Participating Schools

Currently we have 9 afterschool sites. We serve students K-8. There are over 450 students in our programs at our nine sites. Below is a list of the 9 schools participating with TOPS to help the migrant children of Tennessee. Click School name for contact information.

After school Manager of all sites: Leigh Hillis

Email Leigh Hillis HERE

Contact Person: Sadie Newby

Contact Phone Number: 931-473-9006 

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Debbie Bryant

Contact Phone Number: 931-473-3801

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Kelly Clayborne

Contact Phone Number: 931-473-6557 

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Anita Kirby

Contact Phone Number: 931-934-2301

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Tisha Steakley

Contact Phone Number: 931-686-2392

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Leslie Wanamaker

Contact Phone Number: 931-668-8693

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Brent Estes

Contact Phone Number: 931-668-5100


Contact Person: Brandy Wilcher

Contact Phone Number: 931-635-2512 

Contact Email:

Contact Person: Lisa Carden

Contact Phone Number: 931-939-2261


We have a great staff that work very hard to serve the students.

Download the 21st Century Learning Community Afterschool Schedule HERE.