Juan Chiu Memorial Migrant Scholarship

juan-radioOn February 21st, 2015, we lost a dear friend to the TN Migrant Education Program. Juan Chiu had worked with the program for over 11 years. He cared deeply for the migrant families in TN. His dedication allowed us to find many families and youth that otherwise would have never received any services. He taught us all the value of hard work, a good joke, and the importance of soccer. His legacy is a legacy of kindness, endurance, and a zest for life. He was a kind friend and wonderful mentor to us all. We appreciate his service to the program and we all feel the loss of a dear friend. He will be missed.

TOPS established a migrant student scholarship several years ago. In memorial to Juan, we have now changed the name of the scholarship to the Juan Chiu Memorial Migrant Scholarship.

Not much has slowed Juan down over the years and we are sure he is on to something new. We think he is probably getting a soccer league started in heaven! Rest in peace. We miss you Juan!

juan chip -soccer - memorial Scholarship

The scholarship application and essay are due by May 18th. Applicants must include with their application a photo, and a letter of acceptance from an institute of post secondary education as soon as it is available. Winners are announced by June of each year.

To be eligible for the scholarship applicants have to be past or current migrant students and have resided in Tennessee at some point in their educational career.

We raise money for the scholarship through the sale of our English in Minutes books and other materials. Click HERE to see the English in Minutes program. We also graciously accept donations to the scholarship fund. We appreciate all sales and donations!

If you would like to donate to the Juan Chiu Memorial Scholarship please use the button below. If you have any questions please email migranted@blomand.net. We appreciate your support!